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Well guys, it's finally drawing to a close. I'm moving on to a new line of work, and have decided to bring Kimber and Callie with me. This has been an ongoing process since early 2012, and in fact, every girl for the past two years has known that this day was coming. Of course, there will always be those fanboys who will speculate that GT is closing for this reason, or for that reason, but the truth is, we're closing due to nothing more than my own needs and greeds. I founded a new company a couple of years ago that has been progressively taking up more and more of my time, and I've finally reached a point where I need a couple of skilled people to help me grow. I had originally hoped to bring Kimber and Elona into this opportunity, but Elona has decided that she's happier pursuing the life of a humble country girl. Fortunately, Callie came along at just the right time, and she's proven to be quite the team player, so I'm more than happy to have her join. We will be sure to post some pictures of ourselves next year, sipping umbrella drinks, from a sandy beach in Tahiti.

As for all the Girl Time members, I have nothing more to say but thank you. You will be remembered well on the day that Girl Time closes. A few of you, however, have earned a permanent place on Girl Time's home page. We will be posting your user names, along with what made you famous, or infamous, for everyone to read, for a long time to come. It's our way of thanking you for all the entertainment that you provided.

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Girl Time™ is the place for sincere gentlemen who want to make an honest connection with beautiful hometown girls who are genuinely interested in making lasting friendships and more. We don’t hire professional models to mine our members for cash or substitute relevant content with mindless adult advertising. Everything you see here, from our live nude girls to our sexy videos and pictures, is 100% original and exclusive to Girl Time. We invite you to join us for nightly discussions in our forums and chats or just hang out among friends with similar interests and tastes.
During the day, our girls live normal lives like everyone else, but after the sun goes down they strip off their inhibitions as well as their clothes to satisfy their desire for personal attention and their passion for sensual exploration.

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Using everything from paints to sequins to custom iron-ons and more, the Girl Time girls have always loved to show off their creative talents by making their own sexy tops, tanks and t-shirts! Take a look at just a few of their creations from previous years and let your favorite girl know that you'd like to see more!

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Classic Girl Time

Can you believe Girl Time is over seventeen years old! Take a nostalgic look some of the highlights of the first few issues of Fantasy Foxes, the online magazine that was started to introduce our in-home personal striptease service and the first pages to occupy the Girl Time domain. Oh how far we’ve come! Follow this link to visit the Girl Time Classics.

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