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Heaven69~~ Lil Red Riding Hood !!!

I’m going to bring you some goodies today !!!


I can deliver some goodies to you !!

What sorts of treats would you like today ?!

I feel so sexy in red ya know !!

You can eat me !

Isn’t that how the story goes ?!


I had great fun this weekend !

From painting, to dancing, to making t-shirts and panty-less somersaults ! I had lots of great fun with you guys this weekend !

Image1484412187Image30299656 Image20325250 Image1402457296 Image1492028890

Yayyyyyyy! Omg you guys should have seen it, when I was doing a forward somersault off my bed,  I totally flipped over on my ass and took some of my bed sheets with me ! I was laughing so hard I was red in the face !

Is anybody “Bzzzy” today ?

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure will be bzzzy !



Bzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzz !!!

Devilish Sunday

Well here I am panty-less and devilish on a lovely Sunday!


Hahaha feeling oh-so horny, lol. Get it, “horny”? –Giggles-

Hey Peoples!!!

I’m gonna go back to my old schedule of 4PM – 2AM Monday –Saturday then 2PM – 2AM on Sundays. Gee I dunno what I was thinking when I decided to have it changed, lol. I missed most of the day with you guys :(

I made pictures of my kitty maid costume for you guys!!




Saturday lovelies

Well now that everybody has seen my Easter basket, it’s time to just put it out there for everybody to see what I created!!


And then of course, I had to add my other stuff like my ribbon and my ears to show the spirit of Easter.


I’ll probably keep this for the Easters to come in the future. I had so much fun at the pardee!

Such sweet treats!

The Easter party is tonight, and boy do I have a basket for you guys! This is the back view of my Easter outfit!


But maybe later, I’ll show you where I hide all of my eggs! :D –Giggle-

April Fool’s!

Um I didn’t know what gag to pull today, so I just made a video. But even though I have not thought of a gag or joke or something, I am still feelin’ SUPER!


Hello green ones!

I just wanted to let you I’ll be here for green day, so try not to pinch me! he he he! I have someplace I have to be at 3:30pm though so I  just thought I’d let you know that I may be a little late because it usually takes a while. but yeah bring the green on!! Cheers!!

100_0183 100_0178 

Party day!
So today is party day and I’m dressing up in a costume for green day, but not just any costume, I’m going to be the green fairy. I just thought I would write something before I came on to tell everybody how excited I am, and that I can’t wait for the...
Heaven69 says Hi to her lovelies on Heaven69 Day!!!


So today is Heaven69 Day and I know it’s my day off, but this week is GREEN week! So I must make a video! hehehe! So I’m gonna go grocery shopping, go to the bank, and all my other errands that have to be ran, but today I’m also going to start on that video! :D Not only that, but lookie this!!!

A wonderful Heaven69 Day!

You know, I couldn’t help myself…

…I just had to get my stuffed animals out!


And guess what?! St. Patrick’s Day is in two weeks, so I thought I would dress up for the occasion!


Heaven69 Day !!! Time to myself for once
The last couple Tuesdays I’ve still been on here but now I feel like I really do need this day off, before I go nuts !!! I need some time to myself. I’m always on here, and I just need some time to sort some things out. But here’s the last of my dirty...
Heaven69 gives you lots of lovin’ by dressing up for you!

Picture 147  I loved dressing up in my wig and wearing my glasses for you last night! I especially loved that sexy little tube top dress that I wore for you! I think it was so nice to finally dress up act like I wasn’t myself. Hehehe. I even got a lil bit shaky last night. It was probably the 5 hour energy shot I drank, but I especially got shaky after spending some time with youPicture 153

Heaven69 was Super Girl tonight!!!

Picture 112 And she made some people very happy! At first I was just going to wear my g-string like I always do. But then I decided to change it up a bit a by wearing a miniskirt!! Aren’t you glad I did? And because I’m not in school because my aid dropped me and decided they weren’t going to support my education anymore, I can go back to spending almost everyday with you guys! If you want to see more Super Girl photos, you are free to view them in my photo gallery. I hope to see you sexy people tomorrow and Heaven69 will see if she can come up with something else interesting for you to drool at tomorrow!! Hope to see you guys there!! Mwah!!

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