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KandyKisses ~ Nude Body Painting!

Hi GirlTime!

Hope you all are having a lovely and gorgeous day! It’s SUPREMELY cold in my apartment today! Yep, it’s definitely October 1st :P. But at least that means that soon I will be able to take some pretty pictures in the autumn leaves! :) I am wearing about 5 sweaters right now and three pairs of fuzzy socks and cuddling with my kitten (who is not so much of a kitten anymore!) and warming up!

Last night I decided to do nude body painting again! It had just been much too long, I missed getting in my nudie pants and playing with my paints and brushes with you guys! I think I got pretty creative and decided to paint a party on myself LOL! I turned my boobs into balloons, and my pussy became a special piece of cake ;)! And then I added some rainbow confetti for good measure! :P

Here is one of the pictures I snapped of the finished product!


KandyKisses ~ What A Lovely Evening! ^_^

Hi there GirlTime Loves! ^_^ <3

I just wanted to leave you a note to tell you how much fun I’m having with you all! You guys make me feel so good.. so hot.. so sexy.. and other unmentionable things as well.. hehe..


KandyKisses ~ Internet Flailing :*(

Hello my Lovelies ^_^ <3!

I got all ready to come online with you tonight and I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but my computer is for some reason not detecting the device for my rocket stick internet :(. I have ran all of the scans I usually do and have tried unplugging it, plugging it back in, blowing on it. Restarting and it’s just not working for some reason! I tried to connect it with my roommate’s boyfriend’s laptop and it didn’t work either :S. Which leads me to believe it isn’t a problem with my actual latop, just the stick. Which is I guess a whole lot better than my computer having an issue. I just got off the phone with Rogers and they said if I bring it in the store tomorrow they will take a look at it for me and if they can’t do anything to fix it they will fully replace it for me. I seem to just have the WORST luck with my phone and my internet >.< ERG! I was so excited to spend the night with you! I don’t know why this stuff keeps happening to me!!!! I *will* be on tomorrow. They *promised* that either way whatever is wrong with it I will having a working internet connection tomorrow free of charge due to all the crap I have had to go through with them. I am almost at my wit’s end with these guys… >.> If this happens again.. I don’t know if I will be able to keep being so nice about everything… >.<

I hope you all have a wonderful night and that you all know I will be missing you all so much tonight! I wanted to share some of my new sexy pictures with you! :*( Oh well. I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow night now *shakes fist at rogers* LOL. :P

So since I can’t spend tonight with you, I’m going to do what I was going to do during the day tomorrow, and  listen to some epic music a la DJ Luna-C, dance whilst tidying up after the disaster that my roommates left me and give my cats a bath.. they NEED it.

I will keep trying to see if the internet starts working. But it looks like right now I won’t be seeing you until tomorrow :(


KandyKisses ~ Happy Tuesday GirlTime :) !
Happy Tuesday GirlTime! And what a lovely Tuesday it has turned out to be! I went to visit my grandmother and my uncles on my Dad's side today! I hadn't seen them in almost 2 years! I had a lot of fun catching up and eating homemade cookies and...