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Nude girls MUST do laundry !


In January my washer started pouring water ALL over my floor and I was a total mess over it !  I held back some money here and there and finally saved enough to get a new washer and dryer ! JOY !  Now I don’t have to mop while I do laundry !

I have some dryer sheets … wanna help ?

HOORAY !!!!!!!

I couldn’t be more excited about this !  This is also my first picture in my kitchen !  Notice the sheer curtains … I bet my male neighbors love that a house full of girls has sheer curtains right in the front of the house !  Gee I wonder if they see any girls walking around nude in the kitchen ???

On a little bit of a yuck note --- the VW is now dead also … the engine supposedly had an antifreeze leak and it needs WAY too much to fix …what can you do ? I will be on a car search … I need a car ! 

Everything always works out, maybe not how you expect, but it all just falls into place.  I am keeping a positive attitude and I will come up with something ! Nude girls have solutions for everything … lol

I had a good time here with you tonight for Fantasy Friday !  I love playing dress up with you … and I loveeeeeeeee when you undress me !

Kisses to you and I will see you tonight for some sexy weekend fun !


*I love live nude girls*


Jessica080806 said:


# May 30, 2010 12:26 AM