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Nude girls daydreaming of nude beaches !!

Of course I am daydreaming of warmer sexier times !!! How about you ?

I had a dream recently about a sexy nude beach experience … and it just stays in my mind ! It was about a nude swim and some fun in the water … behind the waves … being weightless in the water and having ALL kinds of fun !

While I have done something similar at a beach, it was not a nude one !! What I NEED is a nude beach experience !! I think that would be such sexy fun !!

Whoa ! Nude girls are freezing !!!

OMG IT’S FROZEN !!! Okay I know we have had some cold ones but holy crap it is WAY too cold !! My poor nipples !!!!!


Your Tuesday night with nude girls !!

It’s Tuesday so let’s have some FUN !!! YEAH !!

No reason to have a dull Tuesday when you can have fun with girls … nude ones !!

Cold nude girls daydream about WARMTH !!! YES !



Holy crap I am constantly daydreaming of sunshine and warmth …. I miss the summer so much … and the opportunity to be one of those girls that are nude outdoors !!!

YES !!!

If it’s sunny at your house can I come visit ?

Girls can still be semi nude in the cold outdoors !!


But girls can still get semi nude outdoors !! I am not brave enough for nude snow angels but I can think about it !!

I love getting nude outdoors !!

How about a Saturday out with nude girls ?

Wouldn’t it be fun to take off on a Saturday and just have fun with your favorite girls … nude or not ? I would love a very fun Saturday !! Sometimes my roommate and I head out to do some things but they usually include errands and things that NEED done lol …

I miss the days that it was just a pick up and go type of day !!

I just miss those !!

Cold days, hot nights with nude girls !

All day long I am on the run freezing my hiney off and running in circles and I love coming here to be with you at night …. and getting warm … and hotter … AND HOTTER !!!

It’s nice to be here sharing life with you at night … night is when it is the MOST FUN !!!

I hope you have also been having fun with my photo galleries : )

Ice, snow and nude girls !!

Is that what your winter consists of ?


By the looks of it we are in for quite a lot of cold before we feel the sun kiss our skin ! And really … I like it in here with YOU !!


Brrr !! Frozen nude girls !!! BRR !

Whew !! This cold goes right to my bones !!! I don’t know about you but I am FREEZING !!! Come warm me up !!!

Oh they say we will see snow then retract that … you never know what’s going on til you wake up and look !!! My eyes are peeled and my daydreams are of warmer times !!!

Nude girls ready to make some 2014 memories !!

2014 !!

Can you believe it ? I didn’t see the ball drop live, but I did catch a glimpse later on … although when it turned 2014 I DID see some balls drop : P

I also saw some traditions in other cities besides NYC … New Orleans, Nashville and London for example !! It’s pretty cool seeing the same time lots of places around the world in a matter of minutes !

But here in Kimberland … life is as it was … and there is some change coming up, as life always does, we change, we grow.  And everything is always and adjustment !!! So adjust we shall !!

Ever get naughty with nude girls in nature ?

If you haven’t had fun outdoors with girls, especially nude ones … YOU SHOULD !!

Now with this wind chill I would say you better do it quick before someone freezes a nipple off, but there are always a lot of opportunities to have fun, nude in the outdoors !!

YES !!

Nude girls–New Year kisses !!

Here I am sharing my BALL with you !!! And if I open my legs … it will drop !


Happy New Year and New Year’s Day to all of you !!

I know it’s an observed bank holiday here but it’s just the beginning of goodness for me !!

There is a technique to holding a nude girls boobs !


Of course there is a technique to holding the nude boobs of all girls !!

Firm BUT soft !!!

Unless you wanna get nasty with it … and if you are trying to prove a point you better grab on tight and make your point known !!

BUT … you have to read girls first.  Not all girls want EXACTLY what you want at the moment you want it, and we are pretty easy to read.  All it takes is a small amount of chatting to figure out what kind of a mood a girl is in !! How hard is that ?

Soft and sweet and shaped like a triangle !!!


I know I say this often but I freaking LOVE my pussy hair !!

No I don’t need a Merkin !! haha : )

I love my little triangle ! I just did a nice little trim and will work on some shaping perfection here … cause it’s just one of those things that needs to be right !!

Getting out with nude girls on the weekends !!

It’s always fun to be out and about on the weekends !!! And as you know, girls are as busy as they are nude !! Lately I have been on the run trying to do so many things at once it’s been a challenge to get photos … especially with one room mate photographer helper girl !! We have opposite schedules mostly and when we do run out together we are both so damn tired lol !! haha !! That is how life goes !!

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