I’ve been gone for a few weeks (as many of you have noticed) due to illness and general bad stuffs happening. A month ago, one of my wisdom teeth became really sore (some of you who visited my chat room probably saw me talking about it). I didn’t really pay much attention to the problem until it got so sore that my jaw swelled and was in even greater pain. This led to me pretty much vanishing initially because I was in so much pain and it looked so bad that I couldn’t do very much.

My friends urged me to see a dentist who determined that I had an infection in the wisdom tooth and in all it’s benevolent wisdom, the tooth decided to share the infection with my jaw. Now, had i waited any longer, this could have had some pretty serious consequences. Fortunately, it was attended to in time, but the doctor couldn’t operate until I took two weeks worth of antibiotics. Since I’m allergic to penicillin, this was less pleasant than it could have been for most people. During most of those two weeks I was on antibiotics and pain killers which made me very nauseous and fuzzy headed. I don’t even remember many parts of those two weeks other than things related to the space shuttle and space station activities (I think I druggie-messaged addy a few times, hopefully I didn’t say anything too far out there). I finally had the offending tooth removed last Thursday (3/26/09), but in the process of removing my tooth, my jaw muscles on the left side of my face were strained. (Before the procedure, the dentist expressed a concern over the small possibility of my jaw breaking because my mouth is so small). Recovering from strained muscles in my face was really worse than recovering from the tooth removal and the aching didn’t really stop until just a couple days ago.

The other major thing that has been going on is that my dad’s house was foreclosed on so for the last two days, right after recovering from my tooth issue, I have been helping my dad get all his stuff moved to his new apartment. Now I am sore, but I am happy that with all this behind me, I should be back on cam tomorrow!

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I’m having some issues with my computer again, it is ancient, I will forgive it once I fix it and will be back soon. I think I know the problem, so I should be on tomorrow! Sorry for the wait.

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I’m sure we all remember from our history classes all about the gaining of Women’s Suffrage at a national level in 1920. For years since then, though, women’s rights have still been a hot topic and one commonly mentioned item in all of that is our Uterus. Well, folks, it seems like someone was right on that. They’re recalling our uteruses:

And They're coming to take me away, Ha Ha. They're coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're coming to take me away ha ha!

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I'm mostly posting because I've had a horribly frustrating day. I didn't get to do any work because there was ice falling from the roof and it damaged wires connected to my neighbor's house and my house, twice. Pictures are below:

Another large chunk of ice that fell from the roof. This one is suspected as having also knocked some wires from the neighbor's apartment. This piece of ice is almost invisible, except for the snow around it showing evidence of its impact. It looks much better in person, curses to the darkness for this crappy pic! The square is only about 2 feet wide & tall. This is one of the wires that was knocked down due to the ice this evening. Two had been knocked down this morning, one to my place, and repaired. This evening, another three wires were knocked down, all connected to my neighbor's house. Only one wire was electrical and the others were the cable and phone lines to their house. The police officer that was guarding the wires (which were running across the road as well) let me take this picture of the cable wire, but I wasn't allowed near the others. Another L shaped chunk of ice. The utility guy knocked it off of the neighbor's awning for them so that they didn't have to worry about it knocking things down again later or hitting someone walking underneath the awning. This chunk of ice fell off my roof. It measures approximately 4 foot long, 2 foot wide, 6in thick on one side and 8 inches on the other.

Anyway, I'm still occasionally hearing large chunks of ice fall off the roof and there's a possibility that the power will be out again later. Not wanting to risk things, I'm probably not going to be on cam tonight.


P. S. As I was writing this, it just started snowing. We're supposed to get another 5-6 inches of snow tonight which will complicate things even more.


P. P. S. Don't forget that when I post, I often leave alt text messages with the pictures. Hoover your cursor over the picture to see explanations!

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My Xmas Bits

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,

Just Sophie Monster was stirring, just clicking her mouse.

My thigh highs were stashed in my drawer with great care,

In hopes that my play time soon would be near.

The cat was nestled all snug in his bed,

while hungover from catnip, he rested his head.

And soon, up to some mischeif, keyboard in my lap,

I just settled down to a google search match.

When out of the 'net there arose such a matter,

I jumped into debate to clear their mind clutter!

Away to dear wiki, I typed really fast.

Failed at my search so I googled my quest.

I learned moons don't have breasts for the new fallen snow*

It mirrors the sunlight onto objects below.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

But a miniature conspiracy 'bout li'l elf gear.

With a little old nutjob, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment he thought he was St. Nick.

More rapid than mods, his arguments came

And he argued and shouted and inflated his claims.

Now Elves! Now Penis! Now height and licken!

On coming! On sexing, foreplay and Lubricant!

To the top of the clit, to the top of her call!

Now cum away, cum away, come away all!

As I tried as I may to ignore this strange guy,

I came to him with intrigue and had to ask why?

So I searched more on google to see what to do,

I learned in dismay that his story may be true!

And then, in my searching, I found some great truth,

We do not know the size of each North Pole elf.

elf conspiracy tall

I drew in my hand and thought of this 'round

Of searching and searching for truth to be found.

How tall can they be from their head to their foot?

Conflicting answers, only, found from website input.

Standing a moment, I stretched out my aching back,

and pondered the answer I still seemed to lack.

This puzzle was puzzling and not very merry!

I needed to somehow solve this great mystery.

And soon it occurred to my mind just how

The elf height dilemma, simplified now.

In porn, they like to practice illusions, you see.

And often use them to make size fit fantasy.

elf conspiracy

It was then that I learned that each little elf

was smaller than the size they claimed for themself.

From the tip of his toe to the top of his head,

were clues that his dick was not something to dread.

But why was this myth what they needed to work?

The answer, you see, is they're each pornstar jerks.

I thought really hard as I scratched at my nose

another small problem I saw had arose.

Through the LHC portal they arrive with a whistle,**

Google said elf porn stars were aliens with missiles.

And I knew based on one Alien Elf Porn Conspiracy site.

The LHC is one million, sixty-two thousand, nine hundred ninety-two elf penises-sized.***

Seasons Jizzes!


*In the original poem, Night Before Christmas, one part says, "The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow, gave the lustre of mid-day to the objects below."

**Some opponents of the activation of the LHC claim it will serve as a portal for either aliens or other supernatural beings.

***This assumes that an elf is two feet tall with a one inch penis.

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First, an announcement: I owied my back today through over exertion and so I won't be on cam tonight. I will be back on cam again on Wednesday and may visit all my great friends here on Thursday, after I get back from my other activities. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging:

I'm sure most of us are used to the Santa meme, how it is said to help spread the concept of giving throughout the culture. It is fun to think of Santa in various lights. We love the idea of the benevolent old man, wiggling his way down the chimney to give suitable gifts to each little child (no matter how creepy something like that would be for an adult to do in real life) and we also love the more erotic version of Santa bringing his goodies to some sexy little tot specifically to decide if she's naughty or nice (only to discover that she is, of course, both naughty AND nice, as well as Santa's little helper. (Either that, or she's like me and she's naughty all the time because she realizes that naughty is the new nice).

That is all beside the point, though. I'm more writing this post as a kind of lament. Perhaps it is me just seeing the pessimistic side of things. Regardless, I think it is still a subject very deserving of attention. The Holidays bring along with then a pleasant blend of splurging and benevolence. Department stores place large trees in their doorways to encourage customers to buy toys for children who's names are on little tags who may otherwise not have any holiday parcels under their tree. We see a surge of consumption (which is not entirely bad) as well as a surge of giving; the latter of which is oftentimes more pushed onto us than automatic, as it is tough to avoid the giving when you've got big red pots with people ringing bells next to them. But what about the rest of the year? What about people who need more than just toys for their kids?

I wander around my little town a lot and I am rather attentive to many of the things that happen here. One thing that always perplexes me is that the people here, and people in many other places as well, don't seem to be consistently benevolent. During the entire course of the year in this town we have little lean-tos up and down the river (there's about ten of them visible from the top of the hill, above the river, right now). All of the inhabitants of these lean-tos are transients; they're homeless. The town here makes an effort to pretend that they care about the needy, but it is so often very superficial. I see the same thing happening in other towns too. Ours has had the city strike down motions to build a new homeless shelter here while making an effort toward the beautification of the town with statues and other decor. Meanwhile, after the Holiday season, the children that we all may have purchased gifts for at the Angel Tree in a random department store will go without the other things they need. The population seems unwilling to sustain its benevolence for long and only the few who normally feel an obligation to give will remain to face the aftershock.

This is one reason, perhaps, while the Holiday season may end, I really do wish that the Holiday sentiments will remain. Maybe we all need dinging bell implants stuck in our heads and a Ho-Ho-Ho-ing Santa breathing down our necks to keep it going.

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Yeah, give me a month, I'll get my stuff here. 

So, yeah, I've been missing much longer than I had planned ... but there *is* a story behind that!

Sophie's cameltoe! So, I paid my first month's rent and signed my renter's agreement on November 5. I called everyone I needed to, including the electric company, gas company, water and phone so that I could have everything moved and transferred over within the week. Things are supposed to run smoothly, right?

Well, I get to the new place by the 7th and it turns out the gas wasn't working and my Internet is all screwy. Also, there's no water pressure in the bathroom sink. At this point, I can't go back and stay at the old house, because there's not electricity there and so I have to make do. To make matters worse, I had less than a week to work on these problems because I was going to be leaving for California on the 12th AND the people wweeeeee!ho were supposed to help me move only managed to help me move one load of my stuff in a pick up truck. Fortunately, I had two space heaters and was able to message Addy and tell him of my unfortunate dilemma. The next day, I called all the appropriate people to get my utilities straightened out. On November 11th, my utilities were fixed, but I had Try to take a picture of a crowd in an airport, suddenly you manage to take a picture of the only gap in people that there happens to be at the airport. to get ready to leave and would be gone for the next 8 days, in California. I still didn't have my stuff from the old house.

So, on the 12th, I boarded a plane to get to California. I would take two planes and have three stops on the way  there. I am going to say right now, I really love flying. I mean, of course, flying is still very much a novelty to me, but it is amazing as well. As my friend said, "you're suspended in the air, held up by just thin strips of metal." I like it. I also love the sensation of the plane lifting me up into the air and watching the ground fall away from me. It kind of brings elements of Relativity into a more personal realm.

You can learn a lot from a simple plane trip, but you can also learn a lot from the airports. In fact, airports are great people watching locations. The second airport I landed at was Seattle (I didn't get off the plane at the other airport). So, of course, while I was there, I played voyeur. The very first thing I noticed about this airport was ... damn, there was a lot of people. Yes, I was slouching, but I was tired! BTW, the shirt says, In fact, as you can see to the left, I tried to take a picture of the amazing masses of people ... and I failed. It seems I have elite powers regarding taking pictures of masses of people where I manage to get the theyremadeofpeople *only* place where there doesn't happen to be many people. And I don't know who the blurry chick is in that picture, but she didn't seem too sociable when I said 'hi' to her as she passed me. And, yes, that is my ear in the picture, I was taking a picture of what was behind me and managed to get a lovely picture of my earlobe. Please tell me my earlobes are sexy, I need to know if they are, really. I just hope someone around has an earlobe fetish so that the picture is not wasted.

Anyhow, once I got into the airport, I was still quite amazed by the masses of people. Ever want to verify that humans are herd animals, go to a large airport. We walk in herds even when we don't know people. The herd may not communicate with other members, but people just managed to crowd around each other and move en masse through the airport. You'd have a gap with no people, but would look around and see blobs of people wandering about. I really needed a cattle prod.

Another thing I noticed would probably be a bit more disturbing to other people than it really was to me. This is Hey, diddle, diddle, that's my peni in the middle. I'm a rootin' I'm a scootin' I'm a thinkin' 'bout mah girdle.because I'm sick and twisted and other people are apparently not. Turns out that the Seattle Airport reminded me a lot of the scene in Soylent Green where that guy goes for assisted suicide. You know, where Heston goes to try to stop him and there's all those boxy windows and the sterile appearance. Mostly, though, the reminder is in the architecture at the Seattle Airport. The Airport isn't so much a replica of the place, but it simply has a similar style - a similar structure and feel.

Once I got past all that, I was back to people watching. I did most of my people watching close to the gate I was going to depart from on my way to CA. I had to stick around in Seattle Airport for two Hey, this would be a great screen to watch porn on!hours and while I had a book, I found the people were too distracting anyway and were quite the entertainers without even knowing it. See the two pictures here of my feet? I wasn't trying for a horribly angled image of my ankle ... instead, I was trying to take a picture of the guys on the other side of the terminal screens. Guess what they're doing? Yep, they're messing around with their packages. I just happened to sit right behind the terminal screen because it seemed like a good place to sit. In the time I was there, about an hour to an hour and a half, two men decided that was a good place to diddle. They apparently thought that if they walked up reeeaaaallly close to the screen, they'd not be noticed sticking their fingers into their pants. Now, it is quite possible that they were merely adjusting their Johnsons ... but if that is the case, they just took their own sweet time. To be fair, neither showed obvious signs of reaching a sexual climax, so perhaps they just decided it was time to adjust themselves for five minutes or maybe just relax and stroke a few times as they checked (from very close up) their departure times  and gates.

A really fascinating aspect of these men and their behavior is ... there was a bathroom only about ten yards away. I know this, because in between the men's and women's bathroom was an extremely annoying drinking fountain that played noises like an echoing sewer every time someone drank from it. I This picture is from before Seattle, but it looks better here. think the noise was supposed to sound like a waterfall or creek or something ... the advantage was, though, you couldn't miss where the water was and you couldn't miss where the bathroom was. Every few minutes someone would discover the water fountain, touch the button, laugh, drink, show a friend and some family and maybe their dog that the water fountain made noise, laugh again, press the button five more times, laugh yet again, and be on their merry way. I'm guessing the noise was to lead the blind to the water fountain, but for someone sitting near it and seeing this happen repeatedly, well, it was both fascinating and slightly annoying at the same time.

Soon, though, I was back on the plane and unable to watch the diddlers. I am a little curious as to how many people would adjust themselves at those screens per day, though. One thing about flying is that it is awesome to watch things under the plane while you are in it. When I was on my way to Seattle, there was a mild rainstorm going on in the area most of the way there. However, the plane was above the clouds and I got to see an awesome sunset. I tried to take some nice pictures, but was only able to really get the one shown on the left, just as the sun started to sink below the clouds. By the time I got to Seattle, it was dark and it got even darker by the time I reached the Bay Area. Landing in both areas at dark was amazing, I loved descending into the sea of city lights.

California was an amazing adventure and I was nearly overwhelmed by all the cool things to seI was exhausted, but not too tired to dish out a kiss for the camera. Maybe I should have offered to help the diddlers.e and learn. I was visiting my best friend and he showed me all around the bay area. We got great pictures, which, if he manages to locate his camera usb cable, I can share some with you later ... I went to several restaurants and ate lots of yummy foods that I had never tried before. We had Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and Afghani. It was all quite yummy. I also got to meet with some other skeptics from an online community I'm involved with at a bar and we went for a couple long drives so that I could see some of the awesome parts of the Bay Area. I saw the Golden Gate bridge and got to go across it a few times, I saw the old fort on top of one of the hills on one end of the bridge, and I saw Alcatraz from a distance (and decided someday I will have to visit the island).

I also, for some reason, became greatly fascinated with palm trees. I can't remember ever having seen a real palm tree in person before. This may not seem very novel to most people, but to me it was very interesting. I'm used to large pine trees, junipers, Oaks and other such things and I always thought of palms as a unique tree that grew in places where people attached hammocks to them to lounge on. I hadn't really imagined them much as being trees that just kinda were scattered around the neighborhood like token front yard cherry trees. The thing that really interested me, though, is why do palm trees look like they are either furry or have scales? I didn't get to get close to examine the trunk of a palm tree until about my fourth day in California, but on my third day, I asked my friend about the scale like appearance of the trunk and how some palms looked like they had dead branches hanging down and if the two things were related. He seemed to think it was possible, but said he hadn't thought about it. Thus, I created a hypothesis that the scale-ish look was due to the branches falling and went on a journey through the internet in search of information that night. I was quite happy to discover that I was right but was then, the next day, slightly less proud of myself when I was able to examine some trunks up close and realised it would have been very obvious had I just been closer to the palm tree. The scales are actually scars left behind after the palm tree drops a branch. It looks a lot like a very flattened scar you might find on a tree that has had a branch cut off. Turns out, though, that there is some sort of pattern to the branch shedding cycle of the palm tree and that if you know the rate at which a species drops its branches, you can figure out the age of that palm tree by counting the scars on it.

I also got to climb a small mountain. It was tiny, so it didn't take a long time, we only made a day trip, but the view on Mt. Tamalpais was gorgeous and I now like that I can tell people I've climbed a mountain. The trip, though, was an adventure within my adventure. We got to the place we were going to start hiking from and because of my sensitive skin, I had to apply sunscreen. It doesn't take long for me to start burning from the sun and that tends to hurt as it happens. For some reason, the sun will just start making my skin sting and then I know it won't be long before it starts baking me. Thus, I asked my friend to help me get my face covered in sunscreen after having applied it to my arms - and, well, I had gotten the spray kind. So, my brilliant idea was to close my eyes and just have him spray. This led to me getting sunscreen in my eyes. Because I am a genius. The climb up the Mountain included me squinting one of my eyes the entire way as it provided itself with ample amounts of water, which streamed down my cheek and caused me to look as if I was miserable a fair portion of the way. Fortunately, by the time we got to the top, the eye stopped stinging, I was able to open it and enjoy the amazing view and even managed to spot a black chipmunk on the way back down.

The eight days I spent in California went by way too fast. There's actually much more that I could talk about, but this blog post is getting incredibly long and I know some of you have stuff to do. I will continue the story of my misadventures later. I'll leave this post with an image of the people at the airport as I was leaving ... Why is it that people at airports look so unenthused?

Happy People

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I was supposed to be moving on Wednesday and Thursday into my new apartment, but when I called and confirmed with the landlady, she said that they decided to redo the bathroom and kitchen.

Thus, the GOOD NEWS is that I will have a new kitchen and bathroom when I move; the BAD NEWS is that I have to wait at least another two weeks to move in and that I will now be living in a house of boxes for a couple weeks because I don't want to unpack after packing so much. I still have some things that I haven't packed yet, so I should be ok, though.

In other news, writer Ted Casablanca created a poll on the E!called, "Polling All Body Parts" where he questioned if bisexuality was even real. Of course, that means he's denying my sexuality along with the sexuality of many of the girls on girltime! Thus, he's rude and inconsiderate.

Another crazy bit of info that is probably rather sensitive for people is this tumbling economy. It is great that there are people here that are supportive of each other. Some interesting things happen when people stress about the economy, though. I read an article today from Reuters that said that Korean economic researcher, Han Sang-choon, got fired for telling people the truth! He basically said that they were greedy (and that is bad) - and it may not be the entire reason for the economic downturn, but it is certainly a major aspect! His point may or may not have needed clarification, since it is really the case that certain people were greedy and that it doesn't apply, necessarily, to everyone who is hurt by this mess.

Anyhow, kisses to all!

Here, some sexual inspiration:

The Obelisk of Buenos Aires is covered in condom world aids day 12-1-05

An Obelisk in Buenos Aires, covered in a condom!

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call me

So ... I was wandering around the Internet today, getting my exercise and enjoying the beauty of allowing the masses of brains some form of connectivity via their computers when I

happened to find this story where, apparently, a Sex Education program was put on hold because someone mentioned oral sex. Now, call me crazy, but it seems to me that the reason why we have Sex Education programs is because sex happens. Shocking as it may be, so does oral sex. Sex can be unsafe, so students need to learn how to take steps to make it safer = the same goes for oral sex!

According to the articles on this, a guest speaker for the program used a flavored condom in their presentation, which led to the discussion of oral sex. This should probably have been a non issue, really, since it makes sense that oral sex should be discussed in terms of sexual safety with students who are probably, if they are sexually active, using oral sex in their many adventures of sexual social development.

That being said, I never was a fan of cherry flavored condoms, really, why didn't they use chocolate or kiwi?


On another note: My new apartment might be ready for me as soon as tomorrow and I still have a bunch to do, thus, I won't be on cam this evening, but I should be back on Friday! Only time will tell if I'm in the new place on Friday or if I need to wait one more week. We shall see!

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Reach out like Ripples on the Water.

LOL, Soooo ... I was just rambling around the internet a big ago and found a clip from the Borat movie (which I still haven't seen yet) where Borat and someone else ended up getting into a fight while naked and noticed something that made it so much funnier ....

Now, I'm generally not picky about men, but the clip was not really what I had expected and it was made all the more amusing when I noticed the advertisement below the clip: "Oil of Olay: Love the Skin You're In."

It has been a while since I've talked about what my brain has been up to when I'm not masturbating, so I thought I'd mention the thing that has me excited when I'm not focused on dicks.

I'm actually working on several articles for SexTech, some of which are still about body parts, but are more technical (of course). I'm loving every moment of writing that I do there and I hope that it is benefiting people. I'm also writing for other people that I can't talk about here.


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In light of the controversial conversation regarding cock and its presence on GirlTime, I decided to do a little research. I hypothesized that it might be possible that cock and pussy were close to equal numbers in which they exist on the planet. Turns out, though, I was wrong and I present my findings with the humblest of remorse. For, though it is feared, I love the cock.





(497,000 + 429,000)/2 = 463,000

(339,000 + 337,000)/2 = 338,000

463,000/338,000 ≈ 1.36982

There is nearly 37% more fear of cock in the global English speaking population.



That being said, I have zero objections to seeing cock on GirlTime, FiGhT tHe FeAr!!!



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I'm not feeling well, I'm going to try and get some rest to see if that will help. I'm sorry - I should see you all tomorrow. *kiss*

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I'm not feeling well today so I probably won't be online unless I start feeling better. Maybe I'll come online tomorrow if I feel well enough to play in the evening. Kisses to you all and sorry about that. Not sure what made me sick, but I hope it goes away quickly.

Note: the picture above is from when I was stripping more often and actually tried to strip with long, fake nails one night because another girl did it all the time and said I should try it. It didn't work out too well, though, despite the really long nails looking pretty cool. I was playing with fractals yesterday and decided that the picture of my hand would look great projecting some nice rose fractals or something. Actually, I am not entirely sure why I thought this would be a great graphic to put together, but I thought I would share it anyway.

*Hugs and Kisses*


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Well, I am sorry about yesterday to all of you who were intending to hang with me for the rest of my birthday. My Internet at the hotel went down at about 10:05 and no amount of complaining seemed to be able to fix it. We were out of Internet until around 3:00 AM and there really wasn't anything I could do.

I am home now, I had a Major blast for my vacation (the best birthday EVER!) Being 30 doesn't seem to feel any different than being 29. I guess it is good for the sexy nerd and/or sexy teacher thing, right?

Anyway, I'm home and chilling out on my couch now and it feels wonderful (much more comfortable than the hotel couch). *kiss* I'll be around all night.

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yes, it looks like I am doing precisely that.

Yesterday, as part of my birthday vacation with my friend, we decided to go up and say hello to my cousin who is in the National Guard.

While up there, we noticed the B25 Bomber that was on display, but we couldn't get close because it was behind some high fencing. Anyway, there was this really nice guard that was keeping watch over the plane and I sat and flirted with him for a while so he let me go in and have an up close look at the B25! We even took some pics:

I wonder why they have it tethered to the ground, do they think somone will really fly off with it?


I like big, hard objects.

I was just wondering if it would spit at me.


it didn't.

Looks Comfy.

I would say something mildly interesting about this, but most of my amusement came from simply seeing a plane that I know people flew in during WWII and a little after. I also know that this particular type of plane carried a huge amount of guns and that this particular one is special because of the windowed nose with the gun. I don't know much about this specific plane except that I'm told (by the guard guy) that for the type of plane it is, it happens to be in excellent shape. If any of y'all have information about this type of plane, I'd certainly be interested in hearing it.

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