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Come See Kimber
About Kimber
I love to watch and be watched ! The naughty side of life is a big turn on and it brings the sexuality out of me here at Girl Time. I am here to explore my sexual side and maybe find new things that turn me on ... if that is possible !

Kimber's Turn-ons
Spanking, hair pulling,hard cocks,sexy feet,public flashing, nude beaches, watching men masturbating, oral sex, sensual massages, exhibitionism, voyeurism, men peeking at me, hearing a man's voice cumming on the phone, pussy wedgies and checking penis sizes !

Come See Callie
About Callie
Being here with you on GirlTime is such a dream come true! I can explore everything sensual and sexual in nature. I am learning more about myself everyday, and getting to share my sexual excitement! I can't wait to explore my exhibitionism and my nude body with you!

Callie's Turn-ons
I love being sexual and thinking of hard cocks ! I am one of those nude girls who loves watching and being watched, I love being an exhibitionist ! I am easily turned on by public nudity, masturbation, peeking, comparing penis sizes, sexy massages, sexy feet, and many more things ! I love showing up-skirt photos, down-blouse photos, my pussy, and BIG boobs !! Wonder what else turns me on ?

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The girls you see in the adult sex chat rooms at the Girl Time Social Club are different. They are the real girls next door, the beautiful girls you encounter in everyday life. These are the girls that you have seen but rarely get to know. And, the best part is, they are just as into adult fun as you are and enjoy every minute that they spend flirting in their chat room. At Girl Time we believe that adult sex chat should offer more than just the mindless masturbation you’ll find at every other site; that a real life connection can, and does, exist and that the girls really do make genuine friendships and more. Just because they happen to make a living doing this, it doesn’t make them any less date-able than the sexy girl behind the counter. So why is it that other sites seem to have so many more girls in their adult sex chat rooms compared to Girl Time?

Other sites depend very heavily on the use of European studio girls to fill their adult sex chat rooms with professional cam models. Glorified pimps (or boss’ as they are sometimes called), primarily in Romania, set up apartments with as many cubicles as will fit, then use keyboard and cam splitters to get each girl onto as many adult sex chat sites as possible. If you compare the girls between those sites, you’ll find that they are all the same jaded and worn-out models. These sites pay the boss directly and he shares a miniscule portion with his girls. Usually giving them about 15% of what you originally paid. When these girls finally do a get a private, they rudely close all other chat rooms leaving everyone hanging. This lack of personal attention is not acceptable at Girl Time and we are quick to ban girls that ignore our club members. But any site can claim to have the best, so what separates Girl Time and any other top site that features free webcam chat from the rest?

The owners of most sites that feature adult sex chat have had no prior experience in the adult industry or even so much as called a phone sex chat line in their lifetime. This leaves them guessing on what men really want and expect. They usually go for sheer numbers, hoping for a few good girls in the mix. Rather than be selective, they fill their adult sex chat rooms with whoever will spread her legs for a dollar from across the sea. There is no need for good English when all you have to do is teach them to say “take me private” to rich American men who, as they are taught, will believe whatever you tell them.

Girl Time was started by a man with years of experience in several areas of the adult services industry including, night clubs, entertainment outcall, video production and model management. In 1994 he closed his night club to pursue endeavors on the Internet and by 1995 opened the predecessor to the Girl Time Social Club. Our experience gave us the vision to create an adult sex chat site that always feels like a second home. It’s a place where the girls are ferociously loyal and genuinely enjoy all of our members whether they’re in private or not.

At Girl Time, we keep a close eye on the sex chat rooms of new girls. If this is their first time, they must have the right attitude from the very beginning. If they found their way here by sheer luck after liberating themselves from another site, we make sure they have the right mindset before turning them loose on our club members. We hope that you will enjoy all the extra insight and effort that went into the adult sex chat at the Girl Time Social Club.

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Kimber leaves little to the imagination.

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